Cotton Corner Rules and Regulations

We at Cotton Corner want your event to be as memorable and as special as possible.  We do, however, find it necessary to have a few rules to protect the property for enjoyment of future renters and to adhere to city regulations.
1. Damage Deposit.  A damage deposit of $250.00 or $500.00 (if well liquor served) will be taken as a separate check and held until a post-event inspection of premises is made and found to be satisfactory.
2. Balance of Rental Rate for date secured due 15 days prior to event date.
3. ALL EVENTS MUST END NO LATER THAN 12:00 MIDNIGHT.  ALL VENDORS SECURED BY RENTER SHALL VACATE BY 12:30 A.M. or ½ hour following the end of the secured rental time.
4.  Cotton Corner is a non-smoking facility.
5. Renter warrants that he/she shall remain ON THE BANQUET HALL PREMISES AT ALL TIMES during the event.
6. BY LAW, NO ONE UNDER 21 MAY CONSUME OR TASTE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. Renter agrees and warrants that there shall be NO CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL BY PERSONS UNDER AGE 21. All alcohol must be served by a pre-approved bartender and consumed on Cotton Corner Premises. No alcohol is permitted anywhere off Premises.  This includes the parking lots, and rear of building. Only packaged liquor may be consumed. No “punch”, “Kool-Aid” or any other drinks mixed by anyone other than the approved bartenders is allowed.  No keg beer is permitted. Only caterers and persons holding the appropriate liquor licenses and permits pre-approved by Cotton Corner will be authorized to dispense alcohol, and only from the bar area.
7. If alcohol is served, Security may be required for the duration of the event.  If over 100 guests are expected, then two (2) security personnel shall be required.
8. Linens, tables and chairs  will be secured through an outside vendor.
9. Decorations. Renter agrees that decorations shall NOT be attached to the walls, ceilings, existing wall decorations, woodwork, ceiling fixtures, window treatments, by use of nails, scotch tape, staples, etc.
10. The kitchen is a “warming or staging” kitchen only and shall not be used for full preparation of meals for guests.  Cotton Corner has compiled an approved list of caterers for your use.  If a caterer is preferred who is not on the approved list, consent may be obtained for use of the caterer following written notification to Cotton Corner, by providing the appropriate certificate of insurance, and by reviewing and adhering to the provisions that pertain to caterers/outside vendors. Vendors are prohibited from blocking the alley behind the building.
11. Use of Patio/Garden Area.  The Patio/Garden area is available for use with the room, weather permitting.
12. Under no circumstances can the guest count exceed 250 guests.